Wednesday, May 30, 2012

To be tan, or not be tan?

I promise, I am sunburned in these pictures.  It's so odd that I look paler than I did than I did yesterday, after spending my Memorial Day at a local pool party with some coworkers.   

I pride myself on being pale, I used to be that girl who spent her free time laying out and I have visited a number of tanning salons over the years, but not anymore!  
It probably helps that my husband is so dark, because I know there is no point in trying to get dark anymore.  I will never get as dark as him!  

 I might test out some sunless tanners in the next couple of weeks and see what it looks like to be tan without the help of the sun.  I have never really tried the at home tanners.  I did have a tan sprayed on me for my wedding, but that was almost 2 years ago and I haven't tried it since.  
Do you use sunless tanners?  Which are your favorite?  What should I try first?

This morning, I was trying to figure out I could dress down this outfit to make it appropriate for work and I found this cropped hooded cardigan.  I love this thing!  I have had it for years and years.  It seems those Urban Renewal pieces are great investment pieces!  

Top: Forever 21
Skirt: Anthropologie
Shoes: Target
Overlay: Urban Outfitters

Scarf in my hair: Vintage

I will share how to tie a scarf like this to make a cute headband in my next post! 


  1. Great outfit!

  2. I'm super pale as well. Don't tan tho! You look beautiful...but if you do still want to go for a light summer glow lotion tanner. That way you won't turn orange but have a little more color