Saturday, May 12, 2012

Texas Food Truck Fest

I was so excited when I heard about this because I knew my husband might actually be home for this!!

I'm so glad that he was... and so was his stomach. 

I can't explain, why the thought of a food truck makes me so excited, but it really does.  Maybe, because they offer such random but wonderfully, creative food combinations.  When you go to a restaurant and you have to choose a type of food: Mexican, Italian, Thai or what not, but the food trucks don't have to live by those rules.

Nice evening for a food tasting!  

First stop: TX Delizioso

Where Texas meets Italian 

We got a pizza to share and it was delicious.  They make their thin crust pizzas on a Shiner Bock pizza crust and give you the choice of a spicy sauce or their regular.  You can choose from a long list of toppings.  We had the spicy sauce and had spinach, sweet red peppers, jalapenos and since I'm the non meat eater in the marriage, the hubby got pepperoni on his half.  

These weren't the pickled jalapenos you would normally get, these were fresh!  I'm the kinda girl who can take her spice, so I was excited!  One of the seeds hit the wrong spot on my tongue and my mouth was on fire!!


That truck sold this tea from Fredricksburg and we got the peach tea and I have fallen in love!  I love this tea!  They also have a blueberry tea I need to find ASAP!

This was the truck, Rockstar Bakeshop, I was most excited about!  I have a sweet tooth like no other and it was definitely satisfied!

They sell Whoopie Pies!

This picture really doesn't do this any justice.  

We got the Ace of Spades.  It's a vanilla cake with marshmallow fluff and chocolate ganache rolled around in graham crackers.  Heavenly.  

Korean with Mexican Fusion

The hubby went here next to get some beef and pork tacos.  They did have tofu for me, but I had my heart set on something else.  Also, my stomach just isn't as big as his. 

This is when the rain made its appearance for the night.  That's why there's no picture, well, and the fact that the hubby was so very hungry for these Korean tacos, he didn't pause for me to even think about it.

This truck came all the way from Austin for the festival.  

This is what I had to get before the night was finished!

The Belgain Waffle Co., was the food truck I read about before I even went to the festival.  I knew I had to get one!

We got a waffle with some fresh strawberries and powdered sugar.

It was perfectly delicious.  

I wasn't about to let the rain, rain on my parade!

Then it started to really come down hard and our tummies were full, so we called it a night for the festival.  It was a Friday night well spent and our taste buds are still thanking us.

**Back to my previous post: This was obviously a night where we cheated on our dieting so we don't go crazy.

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