Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Colorful Reunion

The hubby had his 10 year high school graduation reunion this past weekend and we had a blast!  It was so great to meet people from past that I had never met before.  We come from such different walks of life, he is from a smaller town and I am from a larger suburb. His school was so tiny compared to my 1,000+ graduating class.  I will never know what it's like to know everyone's name, let alone have a story about them all.  I know I will probably meet new people at my own reunion.  And that is hard for him to wrap his head around.  

Dress: Anthropologie
I bought the dress last spring, but here is one similar.  
Belt: Anthropologie
Overlay: Anthropologie
Wedges:  Dolce Vita from the Bloomingdale's Outlet  
Thank you Dallas for opening that up!!

This is a completely vegan line of accessories!

You can purchase them here.  

I bought it at Century 21 while I was visiting my sister in NYC.  
It's basically an outlet with so much of everything!  I mean everything!!
It's a great shopping destination, if you want a good deal!

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