Friday, March 15, 2013

Kate Young for Target

One of the most powerful stylists is taking her hand at designing.  It will benefit us all because it will be available at everyone's favorite...Target!!  This highly anticipated line will be available on April 14th so mark your calendars!  That gives us 4 weeks and some change to begin setting some money aside or adjust the budget.  She designed a wide range of items: special occasion dresses (just in time for wedding season), shorts, blazers, clutches, shoes and accessories.  The prices will range from $29.99-$89.99.  Here are a couple of my personal favorites!  Check out the whole collection here.

I love this dress, because this print looks like polka dots and I am drawn toward anything with a polka dot.  My little sister always makes fun of me for that, but look at the back!!  How can you not love this? 
Dress: $89.99
Clutch: $19.99
Shoes: $39.99

Dress: $59.99
Clutch: $29.99
Shoes: $39.99

Body Suit: $29.99
Blazer: $49.99
Shorts: $29.99
Clutch: $19.99
Shoes: $44.99

Dress: $59.99
Hair Clip: $14.99
Clutch: $19.99
Shoes: $39.99

Dress: $89.99
Clutch: $19.99
Shoes: $39.99
Dress with Belt: $89.99
Clutch: $19.99
Shoes: $39.99
Dress: $69.99
Booties: $44.99

I love these booties!  I really hope I can get my hand on some!

Do you have a favorite piece?

Disney Obsession

This is perfection!

Jon Cozart is the genius behind this hilarious spoof.  And I gotta support a fellow Texan.

He gets real.  What did happen after the princesses get married?

I love that I saw this the same day that I registered for my next Disney Race!

The Wine and Dine Half Marathon will be my next Disney race.  I told the hubby that this would be my healthiest year yet and these races are keeping me motivated to keep extremely active.  So much so, the Wine and Dine is how we will celebrate my birthday!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy St Patty's Day!

Love this clutch?
Wanna pay $450 for it?  
Most likely, that answer is, NO!
Well I just saw this Michael Kors on my all time favorite stores' site.  It reminded me of my lastest purchase from TARGET!!  I couldn't believe it!  

 They both feature the option the add or remove the strap.  Surprisingly, the quality of the Target clutch is up to par.

I'm hoping to sport this new bag on the actual St. Patty's day.

Have you made any new purchases to make sure that you aren't pinched! :)  If you did, please share!

My nails are ready for the St. Patty's race this weekend. @kristinmbarker @gracechristine2 are y'all ready? PS get a ring like this from @bowandarrownyc bonus, they are on sale!

My nails are ready for the St. Patty's race this weekend. @kristinmbarker @gracechristine2 are y'all ready? PS get a ring like this from @bowandarrownyc bonus, they are on sale!

Happy Hanson Birthday!

Today is everyone's favorite Hanson, Taylor's 30th Birthday!


Did you know the man has 5 kids.... 5!!!!!  All before he his 30th anniversary of birth.  That's hard for me to comprehend... That's a lot of children in such a short time.

Never mind, that. 

To celebrate here are the Oklahoma trio covering one of the other Taylor's big hits.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Disney Princess Half Marathon

So my mom and I went to Disney World, ran a half marathon, wore tiaras and ran through the castle with 26,000 other princess adorned women...

Isn't that normal?  

It will be a regular occurrence for this mother and daughter.  Well, we hope so!

The weekend started with the most fun expo for the attendees. 

I wanted to share some of the fun times we had and what we would and would not do next time for all those who would like to run it in the future.

We were glad we were able to attend the first day of the two day expo, Friday, solely to purchase the "I Did It" shirts.  The shirts were pink and on the back, feature the route you ran through Disney.  We had heard from those who attended to the expo on the Saturday, the shirts had sold out.  

Champagne?  Yes, Please!

My mom and I purchased the runners retreat and it was worth it!  We were able to attend a breakfast prior to the race, store our belongings, and attend a huge brunch afterwards.  The brunch had a TV so you could watching the ongoing race, massages if you finished early enough, a changing area and so much to eat and drink and really, it was a nice and comfortable place to rest your legs after you ran 13.1 miles.    

Because the race started at 5:30 AM, I thought these would be perfect to keep us pumped while we were waiting for our corral to get up to the start line.   

These were the extras I chose to wear.  Next time, I might dress up like a Disney Princess and less like a ballerina/fairy/princess.  

This was one of the many photo opts your could stop, wait in line to take the picture then you head back to the race.  We didn't stop at any of them to get our picture taken because the lines were so long and we didn't want to mess up our time too much.

Next time, we may just predict our time to be faster so we can be in one of the first corrals.  Hopefully, the lines would be shorter with the more serious runners.  

We were about to run through the castle!!  It got really crowded here. Well, actually, the race was pretty crowded most of the time.  It was unlike any race I have ever ran in, it never thinned out.  Another reason to try to get in a different corral.  

These are the mile markers that so cute!  FYI we didn't take 4 hours to run the race, that was the time from the initial start.   

We finished!  We couldn't believe it!

Because we had no shame, we wore matching "We Did It" shirts and our medals for the rest of the day!  I gotta say we weren't the only ones sporting our new gold jewelery on our necks. 

Because we ran around the parks after the race, we were not that sore the next morning.  Another difference from previous races, I would go home and relax the rest of the day and then I could hardly move the next day.  

Next time, we decided that we would stay a day or two after the race instead of coming earlier.  We didn't want to overdo it, so we went back to the hotel early the night before the race day.  So next year we would want to stay after to actually enjoy Disney World for it is the happiest place on Earth!   

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Updated the blog! Check it out! I'm trying the photography thing! #nofilter

Updated the blog! Check it out! I'm trying the photography thing! #nofilter

Day Date

This past weekend we had the best weather in the Big D!  The hubby and wanted to kick off spring the right way, at the Dallas Arboretum!  They are currently celebrating Dallas Blooms until April 2nd.  If you live, visiting or just driving through Dallas you should stop by.  For the romantic in you, take a picnic basket with a bottle of wine and just chill out with your other half, friend or by yourself and a good book.  There are plenty of spots, some quieter that others, to take a moment to enjoy the gardens and White Rock Lake.

The hubby got me a new camera for Christmas, and what better than the Arboretum to test it out. I'm not claiming to be a pro with the camera but I am trying to figure it out.  I hope I do the Arboretum, the flowers and the camera some justice!

These flowers smell as beautiful as they look!

Go Tech!

I love the sailboats on White Rock!


My favorite picture I took that day!  
Love him and the fact he is enjoying that kiddie bench.

Surprise the one you love or a friend with a day date here! I promise you will enjoy it!