Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My First JewelMint!

I feel like the ads for JewelMint are everywhere!  Have you seen them?  

Join the JewelMint for just $29.95 a month!  That's a steal for an accessory lover like myself!  JewelMint is a jewelry club that's customized for you.  When you first sign up, you get to take a fashion quiz (loved it!) and that's how they decide which pieces you may fall in love with.  Don't worry, you can always see all that they have to offer as well.  Best part, if you don't want a piece you can chose not to receive one that month and not get charged!  

Ok enough chat, let me show the goods.

This is the box my piece arrived in!
A cute little description of my piece
Jewelry Bag 

Close up
Love my lion heads
I can't wait to wear this!

JewelMint is a collaboration headed by Kate Bosworth and her stylist, Cher Coulter check it out here.  There is a BOGO event going on for new users! 

Also in the Mint Club is:
Rachel Bilson (who I love her style) with  ShoeMint
The Olsen Twins (my sister's fav) with StyleMint
Jessica Simpson with BeautyMint

But new to this exclusive group is, you'll never guess.....


Ok so he has a great line of denim that I love, William Rast!  So when I first read this, I thought it's gotta be the guy's turn to be "Minted" and he's going to dive into some sort of fashion for men.  

I was so wrong.  

JT is going to be doing HOMEMINT!

For $10 a month you have early access to buy his home products with a discount.  Nonmembers will be able to purchase but without the perks offered to those who pay up monthly.  

Sign up here so you can know exactly when the site will officially launch.  

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