Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Calling All Brides!

So the hubby and I will be married for 2 years this coming August!  Wow!  Typing that makes it feel like it's been longer and like it just happened at the same time.

Well, planning our wedding was so much fun but picking out the dress was one of the best parts, obviously.  It seems to be getting easier, or harder depending on how you look at it, for brides to find, "The Dress."  Many stores and companies are realizing that the bridal industry is a profitable venture.

One that I will always hold dear to my heart is BHLDN.  A part of Anthropologie, this website will feature unique looks for a bride.  Some are unlike you would find at a typical bridal store.  If you are ever in Chicago or Houston, this is a must stop for singles or married women.

This is really a one stop shop.  Everything you could need for The Big Day is on the website.  You can buy your dress, shoes, decorations, invitations and the lingerie you'll wear on the honeymoon, all with a couple of clicks and a hefty credit card bill.  It's a great place to just browse for inspiration for DIY's as well.

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By the looks of it, BHLDN is really planning on banking off The Great Gatsby.  I personally, cannot wait to see this movie!!  Leo, Carey, Isla and Tobey My oh my, what a stellar cast.  Let me bless with the first photo from the movie.

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I am as giddy as a preteen at the sight of a Justin Beiber poster.  Sometimes, I'm more excited for the fashion in the movie, then the film itself.

Ok, let's get back on topic....

BCBG has also joined the bridal sensation.  Now BCBG's wedding style is a little sexier than that of the Anthro family.   
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I love the last dress for a reception dress or even a rehearsal dress.

Thirdly, Isaac Mizrahi has also ventured back into the wedding world.  Mizrahi had his own bridal line and was once one for Target's key designers and launched their affordable wedding line, before he left for Liz Claiborne.  Well, no longer with Liz Claiborne, he decided to dip his toes in the wedding pool of bridal dresses.

You can purchase his dresses on Aisle New York .  His collection just launched this month and can be purchased on this member's only website.  After you order your dress, it arrives at your door in 2 weeks!

Isaac's style is very clean and precise. 

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So many choices for brides that I didn't have even just two years ago!  

With all this being said, a new company announced they are also joining team Bride!  

TOP SHOP!!  This British retailer is launching their line this June!  I'm so excited because this is where I believe my lil sis may be getting her dress there someday!  They have yet to release photos of their duds, but when they do, you know I will be featuring it here!!


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  1. These dresses are incredible. I really love that last one. I would love to try that one on. The reality is that I dont want a wedding and will never be able to wear it. Thanks for sharing.