Thursday, April 26, 2012

Princess Inspired

This morning, while I was staring at my closet I must have subconsciously thought back to a photo I posted on here yesterday.

This dress reminds me of Princess Katherine Middleton.  She has such a way of showing off her waive figure without showing much at all.  I don't resemble Kate, except for the fact that I too have brunette hair, but this dress reminds me of her style.   

I bought this dress last spring from Anthropologie.  The necklace is also from Anthro, but I found an Etsy site that makes some similar styles.  They even include a single strand version of the accessory.  

When accessorizing my outfits I like to have a POC (pop of color) and I try to remember the color wheel.  Try styling your outfits with opposite colors, it's unexpected!

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  1. Thanks for sharing and wish you a great weekend.