Monday, April 30, 2012


I love Instagram!  I could Instagram pictures all day long!

What makes me more obsessed, is the fact that there are so many things to do with your Intagram pictures now!

The most obvious thing that could be done would be to print them off!!  But how many pictures have you taken on your phone and wished you could frame it?  

Well, PostalPix is the way to make that happen.  Good news it's available for Android phones soon!  When you order the print outs from Instagram they can come in 4X4, 5X5 or 8X8.  Aluminum prints are available in 4X4 and they offer mouse pads too!

You also have the option to print off any photos from your camera, not just those from Instagram.  Those photos are available in 4X6, 5X7 and 8X10.

StickyGram is one of my favorite ways to be able to hold the photos from your phone in your hands.  For $14.99 you can get 9 of your Instagram photos on magnets!  It's a quirky to see your memories on the fridge.  My hubby and I had our last vacation printed out with StickyGram.  

I would have love to have them in my locker when I was in school.  I need to keep that in mind for future presents for my niece.

This might be my next purchase for sure!

Canvas Pop is a way to have your Instagram photos transferred to a canvas!  This is great website to get inspired.  There are so many things they can do to make your pictures extra special in your house.  

stitchtagram is something I bet both of my sisters are going to be on board with!  They are going to go nuts along with me about this new idea!

This is a company that hand makes your fun times into a pillow!  This takes the t-shirt quilt to a whole new level!  

I'm obsessed!  I want several for my living room!

Which is your Instagram addition is your favorite?  Do you know of any other I need to know about or perhaps share on my blog?

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