Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So so Happy!

So, do you ever get excited for big news for people you don't even know and will probably never meet?

I do... All the time!!  I love me some celebrity news that fills my heart with pure joy!

I know that's so silly, but I love when good things happen to lovely people.  Here is the latest news that makes me smile so big you'd be able to see ALL my teeth and I probably screamed on the inside, "YEA!!"  

Reece Witherspoon is pregnant!  Love her and this fuchsia dress she sported on Easter!!  Love me some a sweet Southern lady.  Can I please be this chic when it comes time to me growing my own child?

Photo from

Bill and Giuliana are going to be parents!!   They are going to be parents via surrogacy in "late summer."  Let me just tell you that I am not the only one in my family that is excited for this couple!  First my older sister texted me their news followed by my mom texting me that they too are expecting a baby!  I love them so much!  They have shared their very private battle with the public about infertility and then her struggle with breast cancer.  When you watch their show you can see their faith in God and their ability to give it all to HIM in the hardest of times.
 Look at her, she's glowing in the picture!     

Photo from Us Weekly
The return of Kate Middleton!!  I totally have a girl crush on both Middleton sisters, just sayin'.  She's been tucked away living the princess life, but she has come back looking as gorgeous as ever!  OK really, how does one get their hair so shiny?

Photo from
Last but certainly not least, my celebrity crush, Jason Segal has found love!!  And I love her too!  Michelle Williams is a class act and I love all her work.  I think both can do no wrong.  I loved them both separately but together they make one fantastically gorgeous couple.

While in New York with the hubby in November, Jason was the guest when we attended a taping of David Letterman.  Pure coincidental!!

I know this is one crazy good quality photo, but my mom took it on the her phone of us on the TV.  That's me, in the green sweater and the handsome dark man next to me is the hubby!

Leigh took this of me in the subway, this past weekend!  Move over Emily Blunt!  

I can't wait to see this movie!

The hubby and I had quite a long courtship so we can't wait to compare our story to theirs when it comes out on Friday!!

Go see 5 Year Engagment!


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