Saturday, May 26, 2012

Food from the Heart

The hubby and I are 'food' people and I thought I would share about the places to eat if you get the privilege of going to Savannah or Tybee Island like we did last week.

The hubby and I landed in Georgia just in time for lunch.  The hubby really wanted some good southern home cookin'.  We had read that people were not too pleased with their experience with Paula Dean's restaurant and that was disappointing.  I have some of her cookbooks and LOVED everything I have made.  

So in my research, I read in a New York Times article comments section, that locals of Savannah highly recommended Mrs. Wilkes.  It was the very first stop after we got our rental car.  

This might have been the best decision we made the whole trip!  While we waited in a line, the hubby asked someone what they recommended and this nice gentleman informed us that The Wilkes House used to be a boarding house and the meals are served family style at large tables.  

This picture really doesn't show all the table had to offer.  First, when you sit, there is sweet tea waiting for you at the table. BONUS!  I couldn't get enough of the sweet tea!  Next they brought out fried chicken, biscuits and cornbread along with 20 sides.  I'm not kidding... you read that right.  

If you go, you should know that you will probably have to wait in a line, we waited almost an hour.  Also, they only accept cash.  
Come hungry... I actually took this picture after we were all done eating and it hardly looks like we touched it!

An old coworker recommended Sundae Cafe on Tybee Island.  This place happened to be two blocks from our little cottage that we stayed in, so we were able to walk there for our first dinner in Georgia.  This place was amazing!  It just made our day of stuffing our faces with delicious food complete.  

We shared the seafood cheesecake (not a dessert, don't worry), margarita scallops, and lobster mac n cheese.  

Something to know about this restaurant, make reservations.  

We spent our first full day on Tybee at the beach and the next day we explored Savannah.  We took the Old Savannah Tours, which much like the double decker buses in NYC, you can hop on and hop off wherever you would like.  We were so unfamiliar with the history of Savannah, so this was a great opportunity to learn more about it. 

The Soho South Cafe was another place that was recommended to us and it was the cutest place and a must stop if you love art and great food.  

The waiting area housed most of the displayed arts and prints to be sold.

The adorable entrance to the dining area. 

Leopold's Ice Cream was an old ice cream parlor that first opened in 1935.

The hubby tried the Mint Chocolate Chip

I was more daring and tried the Honey Almond.  

They were both so good!

Oh My Goodness!  I can't describe how good the pralines are from River Street Sweets!  

When you walk into this store, you'll understand the saying, 'like a kid in a candy store.'  I wanted to try everything!  

This pictures shows rock candy, gummy fruit candy, truffles, and chocolate covered pretzels.   They have so much more... much, much, more!

This was the cute box our pralines were in and of course we had to take some home!

The Foxy Loxy is a coffee shop and also a print shop in an old house.  I just love the creativity of the town and the people who live there.    

Who wouldn't love a town with a house like this!  This is actually next door to the Foxy Loxy.

Overall, Savannah reminded me so much of Austin, Texas.  It's so unique and so much history.

And if the hubby has it his way, we will be moving there sooner than later!

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