Thursday, May 3, 2012

May Day Conviction

I found this app that totally made me turn a 180 yesterday.  

It's called Jesus Calling.  It features a daily devotional by Sarah Young.  Sarah was a missionary who journaled during her quiet times and was blessed to be able to turn her journaling thoughts to devotionals to share with people around the world.  

The quotes from Sarah Young that changed my day

I had been having a rough week feeling sorry for myself for no good reason.  I am missing my husband tremendously, but I was reminded to be thankful that I am blessed to have a man in my life that really loves me and unconditionally at that.  Through some other circumstances that have been going on in some of my friends' lives, I have realized I should be finding my strength in Him during my 'rough patch.'  Times might seem tough to me but I have some friends going through a lot harder things and I really have no right to complain or mope around.  Maybe things aren't going my way because He wants me to be more relent on HIM.  And honestly, I have been struggling with that lately.  "Living in dependence on me is the way to enjoy an abundant life," was exactly what I needed to hear.

This app is great!  I got the free "lite" edition to test it out and decide if I would like to buy it and after the first devotional hit so close to my heart, I am totally purchasing it.  

One great thing about the app is the fact that you can set a timer so when things are getting crazy and you  are busier then you expected to be, it will remind you to put everything down and spend some time with the Lord, pray and read His Word.  

Here is the Jesus Calling app's website.  You should add this to your Iphone, IPad, Nook or Kindle. 

I truly believe you won't regret it.

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