Thursday, May 24, 2012

It could be home...

Last week the hubby and I had the privilege of taking a week off work, stress and reality and spend some time together in Georgia.  We had both never been there and couldn't wait to be beach bums on the East coast.  

So we packed out bags and headed out to:

This was our cute beach cottage for the week!  Adorable inside and out!

Savannah was about 20 minutes away and we fell in love with this city!

 We indulged in Georgia's finest things... Peaches and a local blueberry wine!

The most romantic city!

I wish we had bikes to ride around this city.  There were so many parks perfect for wasting the day away.

 My niece would have been in heaven with all these sea shells.

The hubby and I woke up early to watch the sunrise... The sun was tucked behind some clouds so this was the best shot I could get.

Sunrise and puffy eyes!

24 hours after we landed in Savannah, the hubby shared his love for the city!

This could be our future house! 

We were enjoying our time in one of the many parks

One reason we chose Tybee Island was because of this gorgeous light house.  I have always wanted to go inside one...

And now I can check that off the bucket list.

This was the view from the top of the light house.  I used the app Photosynth to take this panoramic picture.   

The hubby looks like he is the last man standing on the beach...

So peaceful...

Loved the beach... Loved Savannah... Loved Georgia

I can't wait to return.

Maybe we will have a moving truck behind us.  

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