Monday, May 7, 2012

Get Rewarded

Do you love TV?


Do you want to be 'paid' for your time you have invested into your favorite shows?


Then Viggle is the app for you!   (wow, I feel like such a salesman!)   

I have had this app for a while but I don't know how  many people are aware that they can be rewarded for watching the shows they normally watch anyways. 

Ok, so are you wondering what the "rewards" are?

So as of right now (they do changetime to time):

3,000 Points-  One day movie rental from Redbox

4,500 Points- One day Redbox Game Rental

5,000 Points- $10 off a $50 order at

                      $10 Rent the Runway Credit

                      $ 10 ScoreBig Credit

7,500 Points- $5 Starbucks Gift Card

                      $5 Burger King Gift Card
                      $5 Lowes Gidt Card

                      $5 CVS Gift Card
                      $5 Hot Topic Gift Card
                      $5 Papa John's Gift Card

                      $5 1-800-Flowers Gift Card
                       $5 Donation to the National Breast Cancer Foundation
                       $5 Donation to the Boys and Girls Club of America

                       $5 Donation to the Covenant House

12,000 Points- One month of Hulu Plus

14,000 Points- $10 Gift Card to JCPenny
                        $10 Sephora Gift Card
17,500 Points- One Fundango Movie Ticket

50,000 Points- $25 Best Buy Gift Card

210,000 Points- AppleTV

375,000 Points- An IPod Touch

                          Amazon Kindle Fire

Are you intrigued now?  Are you wondering how you get the points?

Well your phone will listen to your TV and find out what you are watching.  You confirm that you are watching that show, sit back, relax and you are earning points toward whatever prize you would like.  That simple!

The best part about the app, you don't even have to be watching live TV to get points!

There are also some ways to earn bonus points.  You can watch movie trailers, commercials and previews for upcoming shows' episodes.  Also, there are some speciall shows that you can watch live and they will have trivia questions that allow you to earn even more points to your collection.  Play along and get points when you get it right (usually 15) and points if you get it wrong (usually 5).  Some shows are worth more points just for watching!  The list is updated everyday so be sure to check on that frequently.

Tonight's shows that have the trivia game include: 
Gossip Girl
Hawaii Five-0

Tomorrow Night's Trivia games:
Private Practice

There may be more, but that's all that's listed as of right now.   

I hope you get the free app and get rewarded along with me!

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