Thursday, July 12, 2012

Say What?!?

When I got to work today, I was shocked to see an email from in my inbox. 

It informed me that my blog had been chosen as an Editor's Pick of the Day!

Say What?!? 

So I raced over to and saw that it was true and it wasn't some crazy cyber practical joke.

I couldn't believe it!

This is what you can see today on  

After that, I began to receive the sweetest notes and messages about how much people were enjoying my blog. 

I started my online diary to have something to do when the hubby was away and subsequently I fell in love.  It is a favorite part of my day when I am able to crack open the laptop and begin pondering the post's topic.

I really appreciate everyone who took the time to vote for me, friend me, follow me and write the sweetest notes.  

I am very humbled that this ever received any kind recognition.  So thanks again to the editors that read my blog and thought it was special.