Sunday, July 15, 2012


While I am anxiously awaiting for my Birch Box to arrive I wanted to show you what other surprises I received in the mail!  Julep is a brand of nail polish along with other products who set themselves apart from other similar brands.  They offer a program in which customers are able to have their newest colors delivered by becoming a Julep Maven.  There are five different style profiles that receive their own set of colors each month.  A style quiz determines your taste as well as an associated profile.  The best part of all, you receive an email showing you what colors you will get in the mail.  If you don't like what you see, you can skip that month! 

This was my July set!

I love the quote!  It's hanging on my fridge now. 

All the goods!

There are usually only two nail colors, but this month they gifted the Mavens with a bonus color. 

It's the color on the left called, America- The Beautiful.

The other two colors are called Lynn and Yumi.

This is a nude lip gloss called Peony and it's fabulous!

I have Yumi on my fingers in this picture!

Do you receive any beauty boxes that I need to know about?

I love to get these.  I guess its safe to say it's the small things that keep me happy!

Sign up for Julep here!!


  1. This is awesome and Im so glad you shared this. Too bad Im on a war path to destroy my student loans otherwise I would totally join this!