Sunday, July 22, 2012

Six Year Celebration!

A while back, I posted that my hubby and I celebrated six years together.  Sadly, he was gone so we had to wait to celebrate.  When he came back, The Hubby told me that we would celebrate on Friday and said I would love it.  I am still shocked that I didn't dig for more information.  Usually, when a surprise is presented to me by The Hubby, I push for more information until he cracks and I ALWAYS regret it.  This time, I didn't and I was so surprised and loved it!!  

Back when my hubby and I were dating we each listed the bands we would love to see live and Rascal Flatts was one of mine.  

Well, the hubby remembered!!  

I was told to wear shorts and was so thankful that he told me that because it was hot!

Pre concert, we shared the guitar shaped margarita

Thompson Square opened...

Along with Little Big Town

We anxiously awaited for the main act!
Ok, so maybe I was more anxious then he was.

Then came the Rascals!! 

We were so hot but loving the show!

Dear Hubby- Thank you for such a memorable night!  I know you don't like country music but thank you for being so sweet and standing right beside me.  Thanks for supporting all my interests!  You make me feel more loved everyday.  I am so lucky to have had you in my life for these past six years.  

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