Friday, August 10, 2012


Oh... My... God...

I literally died, when I saw Rachel Zoe's newest business venture, her jewelry line.  

After being devoted to her Bravo series, I became almost as equally obsessed with her personal jewelry collection as I was about the Taylor/ Brad/ Jeremiah drama.  She is so organized with all her accessories but she seems to be particularly proud of her jewels.  And rightfully so, she has enough pieces to open her own store or two... or three.

Rachel's line is available at Neiman Marcus and the prices range from $140- $650.  The pieces are gold with green, black and red accents with of coarse, some added bling.  

Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

Square Ring $165
14-karat yellow gold
 Green quartz cabochon 
 Swarovski® crystals. 
Black enamel 

Domed Deco Bracelet- $420
14-karat yellow gold 
 Swarovski® crystals
Black quartz

Long Tassle-End Necklace $650
14-karat yellow gold plate 
White Swarovski® crystals
 Black enamel
 Curb-chain fringe tassel ends

Deco Crystal Cuff- $495
14-karat yellow gold 
 Black and white enamel
Swarovski® crystals

Rhinestone Tassel Drop Earrings- $265
14-karat yellow gold
Black cabochon and pave crystal rhinestone
Black enamel and clear rectangular-cut crystals 

To check out the whole collection click here.

I love all the tassels in her collection.  If I were to buy any of these pieces, I think I would be the most drown to those in particular.  

Do you have a favorite piece in this collection?

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  1. All gorgeous. Wouldn't expect anything less from RZ.