Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Savannah Bee Mine!

The Savannah Bee Company is best known for their honey and it was sold all over Savannah when the hubby and I went there last month.  So we had to get some of that along with this Hand Nail Salve.

Thankfully, this caught my eye!  I am in love!

I put this on my cuticles, hands, and elbows every night and my skin has never felt this good!!  

I am hooked.  

Best part of all, it's under $10!

You can't beat that.

Buy it here.  

I am such a believer in moisturizing as often as possible to keep my skin feeling good!  This product in organic and you won't need to use too much because a little goes pretty far.  I have been a devoted user to the product in the silver tin, but when you open it, you can hardly tell anything is missing.  

PS,  The month is going strong and I have yet to purchase any clothes or accessories.  

I have a couple friends that want to join me the next time I decide to do this again.  

Would you be able to not shop for a month?


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  1. I've been doing the no-shopping thing in June, too (inspired by you, of course) and I'm happy to say that I've been successful! And I feel so good!