Friday, June 1, 2012

Boy Shirts Are Cool Too!

Not too long ago, the hubby and I went to the Levi's outlet because he is addicted to Levi's!  He has found his favorite brand and there is no changing his mind now.  He sure knows how to find a good thing and stick with it :)  Love that about him!

Well, while he was picking out jeans, I found this chambray in the guys section and tried it on, and fell in love.  I love the color and the fit.  I never had tried on a guy's shirt and can't say I will now shop in the men's section, but it was something nice to add to my wardrobe.  
Honestly, it would take too long to get used to buttoning my shirts, the other way.  

Top: Levi's Men
Jeans: AG
Shoes: Target

I really piled on the accessories this morning!  
I had to Instagram my arm candy while at the office this morning!

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